Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sacrifice and Rules

One way for us to look at earth changes and personal upheavals is to view chaos as a collective sacrifice that will continue over the course of the next few years. Change forces and pushes us and the eventual result is balance, which emerges as a holistic type of society. Holism will be to the best interest of each of us individually and in the best interest of the human race. Natural occurrences are already reducing the population and will continue to do so. As a result of disruption, there will also be extreme changes or transformations in human consciousness as well and the old rules will not apply. All the old rules were rooted in the notion of elitism and primarily served the very wealthy and royalty. It happened as it did ever since the cycle began in the Age of Leo, a zodiac sign signifying royalty, nobility and those with great monetary power. The cycle served the ascendancy of the elites. Watching current news, it is obvious that the greed of the elite cycle is being exposed.

The coming cycle is the Age of Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius is the sign of the common class or the non elite. As a result, the coming cycle will be destined to mark the ascendancy of the majority instead of the minority. This does not mean that standards will be lowered. Instead, compassionate and caring people will have control and nourishment will occur rather than any form of tyrannical actions.
The collective consciousness will be more about sharing, bartering and the current social system rooted in ignorance will self-destruct. This must happen before the new social system rooted in higher knowledge can arise. What humanity will pass through is a major change in consciousness. Global transformation cannot be stopped. It is part of our collective destiny. We do have free will and are daily given an opportunity to choose how we will participate in the transformation. We have a choice to be a nourisher or a destroyer.

The destroyers will not be able to handle the new energy. I wrote about this fact in my first book, Circle of Light. Nourishers will inherit the earth. As always, the decision is up to the individual soul. There are options.

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