Monday, October 5, 2009

The Age of Truth

It is obvious that we are living during a very important juncture in time. Not only is there many changes happening to most of us right now, we keep hearing about either the end of time or hopefully, the dawn of a new and brighter Age, the Age of Truth. From research, the indications are that the fast approaching marking point, the cycle of 13,000 years, will be quite different from the past four Ages referred to as Golden Ages. The ancient teachings state that we will not move back into the forests to live in caves. Instead, we will eventually come to live in a finer energy where the human soul is in tune with Nature and at peace with itself once again. Enough of us have awakened and are speaking out so change can occur more to our liking. Perhaps, this is the redemption mentioned in scriptures.

Wouldn't it be healing if we used technology to reflect spiritual truth? Changes of this kind do not happen overnight. It is about time that we use technology to nourish Nature and all life. For this to happen, what we create must be based on inner knowledge that is pure. This would be a science of consciousness that provides convenience, leisure and nourishment to our souls and the soul of Nature. Ideally, we will develop into true citizens of the universe. Our awareness will extend beyond the small confines of this planet. War and poverty will become a thing of the past and the earth will blossom because we will be compassionate caretakers. A new type of society at last!

What we need is a different social system where we embody both individualism and collectiveness. Nature is holism, why not us? When we allow natural laws to govern, we free ourselves from the corrupting influence of the ego-personality. To accomplish this ideal, more of us must be secure in our true spiritual identity and its relationship with the One Universal Self. A holistic social system involves caring for each other and all things in the universe. To achieve fulfillment, the little ego must be diminished allowing the true knowledge of the Self to awaken as us. We diminish the ego both individual and collective through sacrifice.
To be continued....

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