Friday, September 25, 2009

Divine Messengers

In the past I have mentioned that a hierarchy exists in the subtle worlds of Light. The ideal is to purify your own consciousness enough, expanding the inner light and opening your mind and be privy to a divine messenger(s), which are great and enlightened denizens of Heaven. These luminous beings are filled with the glory of God. Using the criteria of the ancients, such beings could certainly be called "gods". They also could be called the "angels" of God. Having been graced by encounters with beings myself since early in life, I urge those who have not yet been blessed with a direct experience to purify their minds and bodies and allow yourself to feel and see how loving and magical it is to commune in that amazing state of being.

The Pure Ones speak to us in love. Sometimes, it is a collective voice of the many expressions of intelligence in form manifesting in worlds and universes unknown to us. They have existed long before our earth came into being. These loving beings are aware of humanities unending struggle to survive, our longing for truth, peace and love. They witness our heartache and confusion. The luminous ones are near us although many humans are not aware of their reality. They have the ability to project their likeness into our thought vibration when they feel it is appropriate. The caring ones will assist us when we cannot understand or discern the reasons for natural occurrences or karmic conditions. They have already surpassed humanities collective mind as an intelligent life form. Many of us here in the flesh surpass their understanding when it comes to the subject of faith and trust. As they observe our planetary condition and watch the confusion and ignorance within the collective human mind, they are amazed by the trust that still lingers within the human heart. A
faith that stands strong amidst the ruins has brought them to their knees. The luminous ones are impressed.

Their motives are not always the same as ours. Their perception of what is truth may vary, but in many ways they are similar. They love. They seek to grow. They reach for the heights and do not always understand. They strive for greater knowledge just as we do. They care about us and the various life forms existing on planet earth. They would like to assist us. Hesitation sometimes occurs because they understand our fear of the Unknown. The intelligence of the divine messengers is in essence no different than ours. The outer forms differ, the minds are more expansive, the mode of living is different, but they are from the same Source and made of the same Essence as us. In truth, WE ARE ONE. The great truth of oneness of all life is not fully accepted by humankind. They ask us, brothers and sisters of the One, "Will you cast your fear aside?"

We are not alone~

May you experience a healing weekend and a new week of discovery. I will return on Monday, October 5th.
Unceasing blessings,

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