Thursday, September 24, 2009

Help From the Upper Worlds of Light

This is a reminder to all of you who love unconditionally and some of you who are suffering on one level or another. There are guides, counselors, physicians and caregivers of all vibrations, form and experience who desire to help lift the consciousness of humanity. They are here to help us. This does not imply doing the 'work' or 'thinking' for us but does imply protection, guidance, help in ways that will be needed during this tumultuous period of transition. Although most of you cannot view the finer bodies of light, intelligent and loving beings do exist. Their lives interact with ours and are near when there is a need. It is with great love and anticipation that they strive to serve souls who are temporarily living in human form.

The beings of Light are blessed with an expanded view and can usually see the pattern of a soul's life as well as the earth's journey. Their perception is to their benefit as well as ours. Seeking, loving and using the radiant Light of God never ceases, although some individuality's claim otherwise. These beings of light administer to each other as well as the visible worlds of thought. They cannot do more than they are doing without our permission. Understand that you attract to you a being who resonates to your own level of soul evolution, current understanding and the possibilities present within your soul. They never force themselves upon you. Control is a behavior of entities on the lower astral plane, the manipulators. The radiant beings of Light wait expectantly to be of loving service. They ask us if we are willing to accept their loving helpfulness.

Many of the radiant beings of the finer vibrations rarely incarnate in lesser energy forms. Those who do not have chosen to lovingly work on the upper levels and enjoy the challenges of transformation within the invisible realms of spiritual energy. They thoroughly enjoy the freedom of the holy realms and prefer not to become enmeshed in the mire of deluded thought or be confined within a limited form. They exist for us as well as for all kingdoms within the countless realms of infinite possibilities. They joyfully share rays of healing, love, wisdom knowledge and light upon all creation whether seen or unseen. The pure ones can be reached by any soul who is imbued with selfless sincerity, pure intent and unconditional love. They evolve as we do. Their existence is not rigid; it is fluid. Helpers can be with us as soon as our heart speaks out to them. They are here to serve, to lift up all who strive to return home to the Source, the One, the Great Light. They ask us, "Will you join us in our purpose?"

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