Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flying Free

While driving this morning, I watched a hawk high in the sky having the best time of his life. We could be like the hawk. I know you desire to be more free than you are and yet for the most part, we flee from our own jailer. The jailer I am speaking of is the personality, a personality that has not fully accepted the Divine Self. To be totally free is to know Self. When it is realized that we alone are depriving our consciousness, we will change physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We must cut the personality ties that are retarding and in some instances killing the soul. The Christ Consciousness, the pure wisdom and love, is only fully alive and functioning when we are balanced.

Too many personalities seek outside themselves for enlightenment. To continue to look for soul growth, answers or blessings during this current soul cycle simply won't work. During the 1980's and a few times in the 1990's, I shared messages with students from luminous beings within the Council of the Sun. I stopped sharing when I heard from many mouths that messages from the invisible planes were more important to them then actually participating seriously in the'Great Work' or listening to a teacher such as my self who daily experienced a direct and conscious relationship with the Light. My assignment was to urge seekers to strive and BE who they really are, not the temporary personality.

Keep running and you will never be free. The path to soul freedom requires discipline, a knowledge that can be proven, acceptance of spirit identity,trust, obedience to a higher calling and devotion to the Creator of All, our source and life. Politics, government, drugs, television, Internet, sexual choices, greed and the endless diversions are not really the devils that keep souls enslaved. Yes, we do need a reality where moral and ethical behavior is normal. How can this be the norm when millions are unhappy? Too many have lost their place in the Sun. Distorted and misquoted teachings and mass mesmerism are frequent sentences that lead to imbalance. As the Bald Eagle, the hawk and other birds and animals are threatened by persistent pesticides, the soul is threatened through negligence. This is why people are unhappy.

There can be no Golden Age until people wake up to the truth of who they really are and why they are on this planet. Until an individual realizes that he or she has an inner power to create a positive and constant connection within and do something loving in service with the divine knowledge, freedom is not a reality. Until we accept the truth that we have the right to be happy, the right to be healthy, the right to be prosperous, the right to live with dignity, the right to make positive and creative choices, the personality will continue to victimize the soul energy and remain handcuffed to ignorance. I chose to be free. Have you?

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