Thursday, October 15, 2009

A New Threshold

We are standing on the threshold of a whole new adult world. Finally, we will become true humans, true citizens of the universe, capable of exploring all its marvelous wonders in a responsible civic manner. There are simple choices that we can daily exercise to bring more light into our evolving souls. If those who read this article would unite and make a deliberate joint effort to wake up each morning with bright and hopeful thoughts, our action will increase the brightness in the world of matter. It is always easier to bring souls through the dark forces' window of time and even avert catastrophes if we dwell on something good. We would be working with an invisible dimension...the dimension of thought and the forces of Light.

As I have discussed before, there are cyclic patterns. We experience a plateau, then the energy rises to a peak and gradually drops down and then eventually rises again to a peak. This pattern has repeated itself four times. Thank God, we are at the beginning of the rising energy. The earth has seven billion souls here to witness the rising of the Light. The souls who take advantage of this grand opportunity and make the right choice will be elevated to the status of spiritually mature adults. What some people do not grasp is that the spirit, the divine within, expands from an original individual spark to a mighty flame. Some humans also do not understand the difference between their inner spirit/light and the soul. The soul can evolve or devolve. It is computer data, an emotional memory disk of your journey in matter. Some people call it the subconscious part of the mind. This is where Ego/personality has its greatest influence. Once people wake up to what the spiritual identity really is...a spirit, a projection of God, an immortal essence working its way back to its Creator Source, they will become co-creators consciously employed in the service of the Creator. The inner Spirit/Light will be the master of the soul/memory.

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