Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hope Comes with Adulthood

52,000 years ago, the light of the Self-Spirit was kindled in the souls of the newly upgraded species similar to some of the experiments now being done in our labs. As a result, they became in contrast to what they had been, enlightened human beings. These were our ancient ancestors. Over the long course of time, the darkness of spiritual ignorance returned and our ancestors devolved into little more than primitive savages, struggling to survive under harsh environmental conditions.

Then, a new Apocalypse occurred and once again the veil of darkness/ego was removed through changes and cataclysms. Another Golden Age appeared and our ancestors became enlightened once more. Of course, the cycles run over thousands of years. Perhaps you are asking yourself why this energy devolves and evolves repeatedly. In the course of the last 52,000 years as a species, we have experienced four previous Golden Ages, all of which have faded. Here we go again. In spite of the deplorable current situation, the veil of darkness will be soon removed again and the earth once more will be an amazing place to live.

However, the coming global transformation is predicted in Vedic scriptures as being unique and distinct from any that has come before. This is the part that may be new to some of you because what I am now going to share is the CAUSE behind the peaks and valleys of soul evolution. When the Light of the Self/Spirit first dawned in the human soul, we were infants in spirit consciousness. Eventually, through the Ages of growth we entered childhood. Consciousness evolved. During times of darkness, souls lack moral responsibility and have little direct communication with the Divine except for the few.

The unending turmoil experienced during the past few thousand years is a sign of humanities collective puberty. Now, comes the exciting part! We are hopefully about to emerge as adult citizens of the universe, capable of genuine 'co-creation'.
This means that we will act as responsible adults, not teenagers or infants even during times of darkness. Cycles of time will continue to occur as they have before. Light will follow darkness and darkness by Light. As evolving souls finally entering adulthood there should be a huge difference during the dark cycles in future times. We will resemble adults and will not fall easily to the age-old enemy...ego. I know this sounds very hopeful as well as plausible. I trust and so must you even though we are only at the beginning of the long awaited change.

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