Friday, October 16, 2009

Astronomical Phenomena

The long 13,000 year cycles, which govern the rise and fall of consciousness on earth, are built into the fabric of the universe and are intimately related to astronomical phenomena. They are related to the precession of the equinoxes. This information is based on results from a cyclic change in the orientation of the earth's rotational axis according to Robert E. Cox, a Vedic researcher and philosopher. The precession of equinoxes is an indicator, which can be used to mark the phases of evolution over the long course of time. As our consciousness is linked with the behavior of the body and mind, there is an immeasurable, indescribably planetary Being linked with the behavior of the planetary body, Earth, according to the Master seers.

Earth consciousness changes just as human consciousness changes. The changing orientation of the axis of rotation is the result. Our local universe is part of the "body" of a vast Divine Being or Energy if you prefer, made in the image of God. This energy is the power, presence, wisdom and unconditional love as well as all the other adjectives we associate with the Source of All, our spiritual Parent. Earth is a tiny part of that vast Universal Energy. Not only is earth linked to the vast Universal Energy, it is also linked with everything else beyond the known universe.

Every 13,000 years a major pulse of consciousness, which comes from the very center of the universe, washes over our planet. This pulse elevates consciousness. Many of you reading this are already feeling the new energy. Souls are like growing seeds. The incoming energy is helping with our sprouting, so to speak. It is wishful thinking to believe the Pulse elevates all the consciousness of humanity. Remember, humans have a choice and a will. What the incoming Pulse does is make available the veil of spiritual ignorance that has darkened the collectively since the last pulse some 13,000 years before. Truth is being revealed. What an individual does at this point determines both the individual future and the collective future. We currently are moving upward away from the lowest ebb, the darkest hour. A new tidal wave of energy is washing over the planet and its life. Change is occurring as well as opportunities for spiritual growth. Souls who have pure intentions and are taking conscious steps to evolve will be overjoyed.

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Anonymous said...

I love the words and even the feeling of hope contained within them but what do we need to DO? Ther is always so much said about whats happening and our rising consciousness but never what we need to do to make sure we are not left in the dark...How do we take ACTION to take advantage of this new enlightenment?