Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Inner Ray of Light

If only more people understood that they have within a warm and radiant Light that can be lovingly used to not only help themselves but others who need extra warmth, wisdom and love in their lives, we wouls be living in a totally different energy than what is currently being experienced all over the planet. The cause of the chaos is the ego/personality who has taken up residence at the basis of thinking mind. It is an energy that has displaced the Power or ignored the inner Power of our true Self. Ego in this particular comment represents the non-Self, the absence of the activity of the Divine Self. It is a veil of ignorance, a veil of empty darkness. It is ruled by the subconscious memory rather than the Divine Knowing of who we are in truth. In the years ahead, the veil will lift from conscious awareness both individually and collectively. The eventual result will be a spirit that shines forth truth and is more obvious in its presence and power. The Final Event, the true Apocalypse, will usher in a new Golden Age for all humanity.

Virtually every ancient culture around the world, even at the very beginnings of recorded history, nostalgically speaks of a lost time when the beings on the earth were actually filled with the presence of the sacred Light. The typical soul has fallen from that state and has forgotten how to commune with the Divine. This is how I interpret the meaning of the term 'fallen'. The conscious mind has forgotten the higher part of the Mind and Spirit and functions from the lesser nature of physical and material desires. If a soul forgets how to commune with the Divine, which includes Nature, it is basically lost until that moment when the spell is finally shattered.

In a mind set of forgetfulness, collective humanity appears to be determined in destroying the planet and life. All of recorded history tells us that we have been at war with ourselves since the very beginnings of human civilization. It teaches us that when given the change, the ego, the source of corruption, will raise its ugly head and take over. The ego is driven to seek power and control and is willing to use any means at its disposal to obtain and keep it. The human soul has and in many cases right now been infected for at least the last 4 to 5000 years of recorded history. My assignment is to help souls remember who they spiritually are and the warmth, beauty, truth and love that they can easily radiate out into the world through their own personal ray of Light.

Have an insightful weekend~ Will continue this subject next week.

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