Monday, October 12, 2009

Ego, Change and Attitude

The 20th century stands as the most barbaric century in recorded history. An estimated 196 million people lost their lives due to wars and programs of mass genocide. Now in the 21st century, mostly hidden from sight the practice of slavery still persists. It is a subtle and very different form of slavery. The slavery is enslavement to personal debt and debt of nations. It is slavery to material objects. Our rivers and seas are polluted and we have consumed vast forests, decimated thousands of species of plants and animals and scarred the landscapes of cities with pollution. Our 'modern' ways have produced chemical fertilizers and the abuse continues...

What if our parents had been spiritually mature and envisioned our incoming souls as a Christ consciousness awakening in our miniature bodies? What if we who are parents had an attitude towards the incoming souls of our children that they, too, were Christs or Stars ready to shine? What is sorely needed is a change in attitude. For centuries, a false god has been worshipped by the ego/personality. This false god is not benevolent. It is greed, war and destruction. What has happened all over the world is not an accident. It is not an unforeseen event. Cycles repeat themselves. It was destined to happen. The difficult times in which we now live have been foretold by prophesies since time immemorial. The selfish ego is bent on self-destruction. Under its control are all of the social, political, corporate and economic institutions that now dominate the world. This corruption has created the world as we know it. In the process of wrecking our world, the Ego will destroy its own possessions. We are seeing signs now as to how it is destroying its own wealth and power. This is good because the collective selfish Ego will become weakened and humbled. People will be forced to face their own souls, their individual ego, the enemy within and banish it.

There are good changes occurring. For instance, well over 70% of Russia's total population has acquired small parcels of land and are producing food for their own table and making an enormous contribution to the national economy. More people are awakening to the treasures of the earth and the treasures yet to be discovered within. It is happening because we are ready for a new experience significantly different than the trap we have fallen into.

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