Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Goal

As we gradually attain self-mastery and commune with the Beloved within, we open the door to the deeper mysteries of the universe. We have an opportunity to become consciously connected with each other, all of life and Nature. The tidal wave of Celestial Light has already begun. This is an evolutionary spiral that is noving us toward the full potential of the human race. During the beginning of this cycle, the souls on earth tend to rely heavily on intuitive and spiritual faculties. During the darker periods such as the past several thousand years, it is typical to rely upon reason. The goal is to have both intuition and reason fully developed and functioning simultaneously. Our whole brain and consciousness working together to the fullest is a true and balanced intelligence. When we reach that Ideal, we have attained our full potential in the flesh. This is our destiny, both individually and collectively. When we are fully balanced, we have an understanding of who we are and purpose and actually enjoy living in the flesh.

At the present moment in history, the hour hand points to 6am on the Cosmic Clock. We are about to experience the Dawn of a new epochal day. As the hand moves around the Cosmic Clock, the most important hours are those that respond to Dawn (6am), Noon (12pm), Dusk (6pm) Midnight (12am). These times mark the end of one 13,000 year cycle and the beginning of another. It is at these 'watches' that a fresh pulse of consciousness washes over our planet and a new Golden Age begins. The four
13,000 sub cycles make up the end of the larger 52,000 year cycle. During these 'watches', the qualities of consciousness display their different characteristics. During the morning our planetary consciousness is most fresh and alive. Evening is dull and tired. Midnight occurred about 13,000 years ago and then the pre-dawn period of collective awareness began to stir. We are about to awaken to the dawn of a whole New Day. (A Luminous Being gave me a personal message about the New Day in 1981)

During the last few recent minutes before the Dawn, advance technology is again being given to us because hopefully the collective soul of humanity has advanced enough not to destroy itself.

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