Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Darkest Before the Dawn

It has been suggested that the unique feature of the coming Golden Age will be the coexistence of advanced spiritual consciousness along with advanced material technologies. For instance, Hubble Space Telescope Center revealed that huge blue streaks surround the Pleiades nebula. Although I received this news from a friend who was listening to the radio, it is of great interest because it confirms my out of body excursions to that area. Spirit and science complimenting each other.
Information will increase in the time to come regarding cooperation as physical and spiritual science work together.

The good part of the heightened energy is the point when we finally are admitted into the larger society of intelligent beings throughout the universe, some of whom are much more advanced than ourselves. This can be strictly on an intellectual and material level or in self-mastery and enlightenment. The new cycle is a long one and changes in our activities are gradual. The amazing part is the a genuine science of consciousness will open up new technologies both mental and physical, beyond our wildest dreams.

This is not a trivial period. We shall soon experience a radical transformation in virtually every aspect of human, economical, political, intellectual and spiritual. The upheaval has begun and will continue to be turbulent and chaotic
and for some very painful. We can find hope in the pattern of change always being darkest before the dawn.

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