Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Ancient Spiritual Science

I love to research topics. Alchemy can be approached from various perspectives. This particular blog is from the perspective of a Vedic researcher and scientist, Robert E. Cox. The science of immortality was demonstrated and discussed at length by the ancient Vedic, Egyptian and Hebrew traditions. The doctrine held in common by the three traditions involved a layered model of the universe. The model was such that the overall organization of the physical universe can be described in terms of layers of consciousness, each of which is tied to its fundamental space-time scale.

The ancients believed that to obtain full immortality in the bosom of the Infinite, the soul has to ascend and descend through these layers until it transcends the boundaries of the universe both above and below. For this reason, the system of layers was compared to a divine ladder, or stairway to the sky, on which the soul could ascend and descend. The system was not abstract. It covers the first 33 steps on the stairway to the sky, which take the soul to the shore of this world, marked by the overall form of the super universe, which the ancients compared to the cosmic egg. The ancients mapped out the stages, steps, or layers of consciousness that deliver the soul to the 'shore of the other world', the immortal world of the Supreme Being, which lies beyond the boundaries of the created universe.

The Vedic, Egyptian and Hebrew traditions mapped out a sequence of 42 layers both above and below. Regardless of these tradition differences, they saw eye to eye to leading up to December 2012 and the 42 months that followed afterwards. Although this subject is one that I view from a spiritual and not a material perspective, it is intriguing and will be expanded upon tomorrow.

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