Friday, November 6, 2009


The parties were interested in a secret process to produce a spiritualized form of matter which could be ingested. They felt that by ingesting the powder they would be privy to enormous power. Because the ancient rulers were viewed as embodiments of God on earth, their authority ultimately rested on their spiritual powers. They believed the various metallurgical elixirs would enhance the spiritual power of the ruling classes and they could remain in tune with the cosmic forces that rule the universe. Everything was kept secret so they would retain authority over the masses. To do that, they used symbolism and veiled language.

The Greeks had always been jealous of the secret wisdom possessed by the Egyptians whom they considered masters of philosophy, architecture, stone masonry and other disciplines. In the third century BC, the Greeks took charge of Egypt and did everything to seek out Egyptian secrets. There was tremendous excitement during those days because the Ptolemy's established the Great Library of Alexandria. Scholars came from India and the new empire to the Great Library to study the ancient secrets.

This was the first time secret knowledge was put on public display with the blessings of the Greek-Egyptian pharoahs. They wished to revive the secret wisdom of the greatness of Egypt. Greek, Arabic and Hebrew scholars came to the library to study alchemy. Eventually, the Hellenistic empire fell and Rome took over destroying the Great Library at Alexandria through a series of fires. Although alchemy was largely forgotten, it survived in Arabic countries and in certain Jewish communities.

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