Thursday, November 5, 2009

Matter versus Spirit

Where I have a different focus from the ancients is in my lack of interest in matter, the metals, that the ancients felt were so necessary for enlightenment and immortality of the soul. The European alchemists commonly referred to this spiritualized form of the metals as the Philosopher's Stone. It really wasn't a stone: it was an elixir (powder) produced from metals. They sought the elixir not so much for spiritual purposes as for monetary ones...transmuting base metals into gold. This was the attitude and intent of the European alchemists.

In contrast, the ancient traditions existing thousands of years earlier sought the elixir for immortality. They desired to transmute mortality into immortality and referred to the powder as the food of the gods, food for the soul. They claimed that the elixir had the potential to purify the body, mind and soul so that the initiate would become a fit receptacle for spiritual enlightenment. This does sound like an easier, smoother and much quicker means than the normal struggle of self-discipline, nutrition, mastery, faith, trust, patience, contemplation and healing of the subconscious garbage that is necessary to remove in today's way of thinking.

The craftsmen who practiced stone masonry and metallurgy kept secrets through hereditary traditions often involving initiatory rites. In ancient Egypt, all of the mines were owned by the royal families and operated under the supervision of the priesthood. Certain metals were considered a sacred science. It was the law of the Egyptians that nobody must divulge these things in writing. The precious metals: gold, silver, copper, antimony, iron, lead and mercury symbolized the 7 planets that they knew about, the 7 divine mountains and this knowledge added secular power to the priesthood and the royal families. To secure positions of power, the elite ruling classes kept strict control over the mining, production and refinement of metals.

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