Monday, December 7, 2009

What Path Have You Chosen?

How long have you been seeking authentic truth? Although the collective energy usually presents itself as drowning in chaos, I firmly hold onto the transfiguring divine love known as the Feminine Principle, Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother vibration. It is a mighty force and the greatest as far as I am concerned in the Universe. It has no bonds, no barriers, and no conditions. During these stressful times, it is very reassuring to focus on the Mother-Wisdom-Love. When we do, we experience a true peace, love and presence resonating in our hearts and minds.

I know that balance and the much sought after world peace will eventually come individually and collectively to earth and all Her creatures as we give our attention and walk through the door that is already open for those who love and care. As we expand our soul's Light and freely give service to life, the power of Divine Love will spread. Perhaps, you feel like you are going through a different doorway, one that resembles a black hole. Remember the story of the ugly duckling?
She stopped focusing on her self, surrendered and went with the flow. As a result, she went through the change, was transformed into a beautiful swan because of her trust and acceptance.

It is a good habit to ask yourself whether you are bringing benefit to your body, mind, soul, environment, family, friends and society. When we remember to make beneficial choices, the results are peace and harmony because we are expressing the inner Nature, the power, presence and love of our inner essence. Neurons are conditioned by perspectives of fear and worry and much of what we experience currently is colored and validated by the same 'in control' neurons. We can change the fear and worry neuron perspective by looking at our negative feelings as a blessing to awaken us to practice a new perspective. A new perspective is one expressing love, appreciation and acceptance. The practice will develop new neuronal networks, which in time will validate the new perspective. Try doing this.

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