Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Drop Denial and Face Facts

Many of us have loved ancient Egypt and have memory recall of lives once lived during those colorful times. There is a catch...If a pharaoh tried to do something on his own like King Tut, he was poisoned. Look at Ikhnaton and how he tried to change consciousness by leading people to look at the Sun as a symbol of God. He was forced to flee with his family to safety. Behind the Pharaohs were the power brokers who were in control and not the Pharaohs sitting on the throne.

What can we do so we are not continually deceived? Use the mind and take time to really think. Pay attention to your feelings. If you get upset, do a set of vocal toning exercises beginning at your base chakra, go outdoors into the fresh air and breathe. Dark forces do exist. They constitute any person or organization whose design is to produce a climate of panic and dread. It would help weaken their power if people understood what has happened to freedom over at least 9000 years. They need to understand what must be done to better their lives in the area of truth and its application. Treat your self, others, nature and surroundings with sincerity and love. Never allow anyone to influence you against your will. Do not lie.

A new worldview is being formed in those who are awakening. We are in our imagination dreaming and creating goodness. When our dreams turn into reality, all wars and diseases will cease. For this to happen, we must change the way we live and build a divine world in matter through inspired feelings. We believe in our dream and will never betray it. We can open ourselves up to stability within and independence from eternal falsity. My suggestion is to clean up the place you have been polluting first. Stop looking for a paradise out there somewhere; it can be here but we must create it. We can choose our future. Weaken the competition by establish a new consciousness. The dark forces are active. Never forget that. Look at the advertising, books, news, television programs, movies and everything! There has been little conscious awareness let alone pure thought. Consciously commune with Nature whether it is with indoor plants or the great outdoors.

In closing this subject, realize that for thousands of years simple truths have been hid from humanity. No other country is the culprit. No other person, political party or organization. People must stop living as programmed robots. Religion is on its way out. The manipulators created it. A hypnotic sleep has been in charge. The process has begun. If you are tired of false dogmas to disorient man and desire to regain a full awareness that is pure, pay attention to your feelings right now and think about this message. Transformation is for each man within himself. Decide to think independently. Each of us has within a treasured knowledge of our origins. Do you desire to live in a balanced and peaceful reality now? We are here because it is truth that we desire to express. It is time for a splendid new beginning to dawn on mankind.

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