Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Distractions as Glamour

Temples, idols, fame and fortune and so much of the glamour that has hypnotized humanity is the influence of swindlers, and part of the energy of darkness. It is a deliberate attempt to corrupt the innate goodness of man. We must admit that throughout history there have been and are influential people behind the scenes, not caring, only manipulating according to a personal agenda. These soul less beings and assistants still rule today. There is hope because many souls are waking up to how humanity has been manipulated for thousands of years and are attempting to think for themselves, return to nature and change the energy of false glamour. We are a far cry from where we must eventually be to return to our original pureness and wholeness. The intention of those who manipulate is to exercise control of events in whole countries. For thousands of years, the majority of people have behaved as robots not realizing what has happened to them. Selfish beings create and hold their creation in subjection.

It is an ongoing struggle for those who really care and desire to evolve. People are distracted by everyday concerns. Distractions do not allow for any kind of contemplation. The dark forces are a collective energy. Who is or are the masterminds? People are asking questions and flock to movies or read books that deal with secret societies and codes. Our lifestyle today is fertile soil for terror, disease and all forms of catastrophes. Caring souls are returning to growing their own food and are actively concerned about the health of planet earth. For survival, changes in the way we think, feel and act must become both inwardly and outwardly obvious. Drastic and good changes must happen because the harm caused requires a tremendous amount of love in order to heal the damage brought about through negligence.

Everyday things that we do such as putting harmful substances in our bodies is an act of terrorism. If someone asks you how he or she can change the negative energy that people spew, ask the person to analyze the current lifestyle and eating habits. Start being responsible and begin one step at a time and remove yourself as an accessory to terrorism against your self, others, nature and life forms. The new movie 2012 is an act of emotional terrorism against anyone who watches it. I find it interesting that there are groups who are labeled terrorists. Many of the members think of themselves as saviors attempting to put an end to the decadent life that is lived in the western world. Think about it. I often stand back and look at the disgusting behavior being publically exposed and the current entertainment accepted by so many as normal and shake my head in disbelief. It is difficult to visualize that within the corrupted behavior that is casually accepted by millions of people that a spirit actually exists. Exists it does...hidden and inactive until the personality wakes up to the lie he or she is living. Humanity for the greater part exists in a deluded state of mind.

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