Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dark and Hidden Agendas

The reasons behind Romes fall may not be known by most Christians. The emperors were under the impression that Christianity would enhance their power and authority. The High Priest in any given cycle has been the power behind the scenes for a good 10,000 years. They are the ones who gave the command and Christian Rome burnt the Library of Alexandria to the ground. Reportedly, 700,033 volumes were lost. Some of the books recorded knowledge of the ancient Pure Ones. Fortunately, some books were salvaged, concealed and studied. The goal of the High Priest was to get people further removed from their pure origins, spiritual identity and relationship with nature and God. At the Second Council of Constantinople the command was established against the doctrine of reincarnation. They also destroyed the truth that Jesus was two persons, human and divine. The hidden power behind the outward rulers did not want people to think about the essence of earthly life. The motive was to get people to think that a happy life only exists beyond the earth's borders. They taught that no one can have paradise here on earth. The idea caught on. Long ago, before Jesus, a man who attained Christ consciousness, graced this planet, the High Priest had aspired to destroy the culture of the last Pure Ved (wisdom-knowledge) people. The remaining people lived in Russia. It is interesting to learn this because it is in Russia where spirituality, the real spirit, is emerging.

Looking back, priests told people they are doing things the wrong way. They said that the people must build an array of temples and palaces and go there and bow down to God. If you have been reading some of my earlier blogs, the ancient Pure Ones always experienced a one on one relationship with the Divine. Free thought eventually became corrupted. Non-living things, all the manufactured objects we surround ourselves with can erode free thought. Everything changed. People long ago were used to speaking to God through Nature. Now, in my understanding Nature means more than the beauty of earth and her wondrous creations. Nature includes the energy of the One Power, One Presence and All-Knowing Wisdom. Souls with a pure heart and mind will consistently experience Nature in its fullest meaning.

How does a manipulative power destroy a culture? Division. By dividing the whole territory where people lived in harmony and love into different states or sections separated them. Men with selfish intent went in to the divided states looking for selfish people who they could bring over to their thinking. When they found such a man, they would woo him with the bait of power, jeweled headdresses, a chosen status and a separate house to live in that looked like a temple. They were often given servants and much more. This is how the first princes, royalty, rose to power amidst the Pure Ones. They rose through the power of deception and manipulation and set themselves upon a throne.

Side comment: What is new in Russia in recent years is the emphasis on ecology, free thinking, health and encouraging people to live on their own land and farm. Since 2006, the National policy supports a strong agriculture, affordable housing, high quality education and yes, the health care that the USA is struggling with.

Have a peaceful and good Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my Internet friends and deeply appreciate the opportunity to share my views. Feel free to share yours...

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