Thursday, November 12, 2009

Secret Codes

Everything that is hidden from the masses is written in symbolic language, secret codes. So, please keep in mind that this subject is vastly more complicated than what is being shared on this blog. Codes tie in with the practice of both Indian and Chinese alchemy of external work and internal breath work. So, why am I even bothering mentioning this subject? I enjoy research and am always attempting to understand how we arrived at this point of our soul evolution after once experiencing an original and forgotten pristine nature. The whole purpose of Indian alchemy was to 'pierce' the veil of spiritual ignorance so that matter could recover its true Nature and become capable of reflecting a high consciousness. Piercing is called Veda. In the original Indian and Chinese traditions, the emphasis was not upon the transmutation of ordinary metals into gold. The metals are symbolic veils and the true science of alchemy transcends ordinary chemistry and physics, neither of which fully recognize the conscious properties of matter.

When a seeker becomes a seer, a Siddha, an awakened being, it is possible to literally see the subtle currents of conscious energy in matter and in the environment. It is also seen as the substance behind physical life and nature. This is piercing the veil of spiritual ignorance. The Siddhas who I agree with were involved with the total transformation of the individual on all levels: spiritual, mental and physical into a godlike cosmic being. This is taking the image of God to its logical extreme. One becomes the creator, destroyer and enjoyer of all things.


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