Monday, November 16, 2009

In the Beginning...

The following is a true story said simply and from the heart. A very long time ago before our known history, souls were pure in their intent. I use the term soul for the various levels of mind including memory. The soul can either evolve or devolve. Soul and Spirit are two different creations. Spirit is the eternal essence and also individual cell in the limitless and indescribable body of the Supreme Being. Originally, the soul was also pure in its intent. It was not egotistical or filled with ideas of a manufactured life devoid of Light. The people of that early cycle paid attention to their feeling nature. They were filled with spirit awareness. These people lived all over the world.

During this early cycle of inner knowledge, mankind reached a level of sensitivity that allowed them to create energy images through collective thought. Many of us are attempting to do this in present time to offset the negative collective thought of souls who have separated themselves, disconnected their consciousness with the One Great Light. The early people had the ability of co-creating in the universe. When our intent meets the criteria of the Supreme One, we can be conscious creators of the highest degree. If the souls had remained in a state of pure intent, amazing things would have occurred on our planet. Instead, many repeated mistakes occurred over a period that lasted a good 9-10,000 years. What is a mistake? A mistake happens when there are an insufficient purity of thought, with an insufficient culture of feelings and deep thinking. Mistakes obscure opportunities to create in love and selflessness. Mistakes lead mankind away from the Center, away from the Spirit of truth. The downward spiral has lasted for hundreds of years. Mistakes include all the tampering of scriptures from the various religions, the false idols that have come and gone during this long period. Mistakes include fabrications and lies of not only extremist groups but the glamour often found in new age interests. Mistakes occur because of robotic choices.

Whenever humans go through the glamour of the occult, there is an intense degradation of human consciousness. Illusion and manipulation weaves its threads as the spell of the so-called mysteries lure the innocent into patterns that will lead them away from Reality and not toward it. As we are now breaking the old patterns of deception, pure intent is demanded of us. It is prudent to take stock of our purpose, our spiritual identity and search out where the mistakes were made. In this new offering, I will mention some of the mistakes and briefly retrace the course of history so we can move steadily forward to a new cycle where peace and a joyous life can actually be lived here on earth. No one can afford to ignore the truth that there are dark forces that have been alive and prevalent, feverishly trying to control people's minds and with much success. We only have to look at the chaos experienced all over the world and have blatant confirmation that something is drastically wrong. There are thousands of us who love the Light, Nature and Truth. We have been silent for a long time. Our numbers are growing. It will not be too long and our numbers will rise in the millions.


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