Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Gadfly

If you continue to read what I write, you should realize by now that my assignment is to be a gadfly. Yes, a pest of sorts, reminding you to step out of your spiritual amnesia and take action. Why not decide to be a grander version of who you think you are and be it permanently and with joy? Great numbers of people on earth have lost a sense of joy. How can one feel authentic joy if fear, limitation, doubt, selfishness and cynicism rules? I am constantly reminding anyone who will listen that you can actually recapture joy, be master of the lower nature and be free although others may judge you as not.

Just because we have renewed hope in a different leader and his chosen staff actually taking the people of world into consideration, it does not mean they are the ones who will heal our lives. We must step up to the plate and be responsible for our own space and the energy we project into the world consciousness. The typical person seeks temporary relief from personal woes through outside stimuli. the habit of looking elsewhere for answers and healing must stop and asserting one's own inner power begin. Yes, there are solutions, excellent and and ancient tools that definitely accelerate soul growth. What will be new is our daily use of them.

Almost every one I know is relieved and glad that the year 2008 is behind them. Is it? How do we insure our lives without have a repeat of the past? Why not be determined to find proven methods that create a permanent balance and happiness and discontinue the old ways that have harmed and hindered? The good things that produce both a gentle softness and a needed strength are the result of inner growth, an expansion of our light, our soul. When we ignore this choice, our light diminishes and negativity takes hold. Instead of deterioration, we need to seek more fervently as to how we can materialize a genuine human BEing. We create this radiant state of mind through passion, effort, trust, love and a deliberate science. The science is a proven art at living. It is produced as a result of a higher understanding and knowledge that loves Unseen and the seen. It is a light of consciousness which clearly shines on what is true and what is false.

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