Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back, Looking Forward

Have you noticed how time appears to have accelerated? In fact, everything seems to be moving at a faster pace. Do you ever stop and reflect objectively on your personal journey? I do ask many questions, but that is good. We must think and think deeply to spiritually evolve. For isn't that the reason for our being entombed in a physical body? Today, the end of another year, is a perfect time to review our own evolution as a soul struggling to master limitation. Were the people, experiences both good and not so good and your sense of self receive any enduring benefits or blessings during the past twelve months?

Many of us believe we are invincible...that we can live indefinitely in good health, youth and beauty. Groups of souls keep returning in cycles. When our cycle is over and we leave our bodies behind will we feel that our brief impression on earth was a job well done? Will we be pleased with our efforts? What if you believe in the teaching of reincarnation? If you do, will you welcome the idea of returning to a new skin and not be conscious of your own divinity? The idea of not being fully conscious of spirit identity should bother everyone. Life would be viewed in a totally new way if more of us understood that personal consciousness must be awakened to some degree in order to remember the past and be who we really are.

Do you remember? Are you willing to return to a new body and try again to be what you have forgotten? Are you ready to go through the struggle of soul survival amidst ignorance and distractions all over again? There is a way to avoid the trap of soul memory loss. Wake up! Wake up fully to the inner world. Be familiar and master the inner world. Once you have opened that door, future experiences or lives, if you choose, will be under the control of the Master within rather than the ego without. Today, tonight, the end of another year of chaos all over the world can end for you personally if you decide to wake up and BE who you really are. Why procrastinate? Why suffer? You have been reminded through many sources that you are a co-creator with the One Supreme Creator. You are more than a co-creator. The One lives as you. It is time to accept this truth and live it. May the opportunities in 2009 resonate with your Highest Nature. Embrace the fresh page presented to us right now and fill in the blanks with the desires of the soul.

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