Monday, January 26, 2009


When something goes wrong in our lives, it is not God's fault. If we become too rigid and do not want to change or too one-sided in our opinion, situation, possession or relationships, our conditioned state of mind can actually result in experiencing a traumatic fall or breakage of bones. Falls and breakage are two manifestations. There are other reasons more complex. Normally, the culprit in our lives is the personality. It simply does not want to give up its power to the inner spark, which is an emanation of God. The inner spiritual part of us actually understands what is best for the body it is using. Because the spark is ignored the majority of the time, people suffer needlessly. I will give you a recent example using a longtime distant friend who called me two days ago.

The woman is single, a senior and living in a condo complex in a large city. She normally uses public transportation. Approximately six years ago while shopping at her local grocery store, she fell and fell hard. She went to her Internist who told her that her spine was out of alignment and she could use some therapy. True, but what she really needed was a visit to a good chiropractor. Because of her fear of chiropractors she did refused that option. Living in daily pain, she has become crippled, bent and uses a cane. An old boyfriend from her young adult years living out of state, sent her a gift check for $15,000 to help her with her personal needs. She already had excellent medical coverage.

Did she use the generous check to recover? No! Does she have anyone to drive her to the store for food and other needs? No! Does she use the money for a cab to get to the store? No! Does she befriend other owners living in her building? No! Does she call a Human Resource Center requesting a volunteer to help her? No! Does she call Meals on Wheels for disabled people? No! Right now, she is literally starving to death because it has become too difficult to take a bus to any store. She doesn't want to become friendly with her neighbors because then it may take up her precious time on the telephone. Just think! If she would use that money for a laptop, she could call PeaPod, a grocery online service, and the groceries she chooses would be delivered to her doorstep. By remaining rigid, she is committing suicide through her choices. She is saving the money until she needs it. Perhaps, she is thinking of her funeral.

I mention this craziness because it is very common. People deny themselves life in hundreds of different ways through the choices of the personality. I have observed in my own personal life and through other people's stories that we may experience trauma to learn to love ourselves and receive from others with gratitude and joy. For many, it is easier to give than receive. If a personality has a low sense of self, it often is more difficult to receive. I am sure that there must be someone in her large condo complex who would gladly take her grocery shopping. She does not have a family and has forgotten that other people are our extended family. The $15,000 sits in a bank. It is a gift of friendship ignored and a life wasted.

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