Friday, January 23, 2009

Making Yourself Fit

In this particular instance, I am referring to making yourself fit on the mental and spiritual level. Injuries, imbalances and limitation on any level prevent us from being the jewel we really are. Guilt is one of the worse culprits. It is always wise to inspect your life and see where you are at the moment and where you are going. I frequently mention the negative programming we have endured must be deprogrammed from the fetus to the third year of life. The fetus feels the emotions of the parents. There is also trauma as a result of our being hypnotized and conditioned in the brain and emotions through destructive experiences. I used to offer Rebirthing sessions and the participants came face to face with their hidden
pain. So, what else can we do about our inner wounds?

Scientology asks their members to subject themselves to sweat baths five hours at a time for two weeks or more. Rebirthing also suggests water therapy. Everyone does not have the luxury of spending hours in water. Memory is in the brain, the muscles and the connective tissue in the bone marrow. It seems to be recorded on the cellular level. Negative memory is likened to a spell. I remember reading information Rev. Hannah Kroeger wrote twenty one years ago stating that programmed people need a formula of herbs called Birthright. It contains blue vervain, rosemary and calamus root. She suggested drinking one cup two times a day for fourteen days. The formula brings out amazing results. We have to make ourselves free from what binds us.

We help make our self fit by loosening constrictions that hold us back. The rips in our personal aura need to be healed. Any type of violence makes deep scars in the psyche of a person, particularly children. Almost everyone has a phobia that usually stems from injuries and neglect of the spiritual body. What happens in most people is that the inner self closes down when a terrible incident is experienced.
I have witnessed through laying hands on others and calling on a Higher Power to intervene, the hypnotic shell can be shattered from inside. This also works beautifully in absentee healing when the patient is ready and willing to cooperate. What occurs is a breakthrough to a higher level of energy, which is light. With the person's cooperation and acceptance, it becomes a spiritual rebirth. Frequently, a spiritual healing will begin a mental/physical healing. There are many forms of help.

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Jimmy said...

Your article shook the ground under my feet. What a beautiful insight.
Thank you.