Thursday, January 22, 2009

Take Control of Your Thinking

How are your New Year resolutions holding up? Deciding to say a daily mantra, meditate, exercise or be brave and begin a cleansing diet all will help regenerate, inspire and get the results you desire. To create a disciplined mind, learn to concentrate. Early in life I trained my thoughts by staring at a blank wall for long periods of time. The focus was to strengthen awareness of my own spiritual identity. I also love to learn new things but learning is not thinking necessarily. It fills the brain with data, which is needed to develop the power of thought. I would spend time focusing on an idea and translating it in order to use it in daily life. When I would focus on the blank wall, visions and messages, which are ideas coming from a higher energy, would usually occur.

I look upon this type of thinking as soul thinking. It is a means to increase one's light, energy and healing. The power of focused thought is translated into a higher activity of mind. We can heal ourselves and others through the power of directed thought. If we can change our diet and exercise habits, why not change our thinking? When we become deep thinkers and actually understand what we are thinking about, our thoughts become a powerhouse. An inner realization happens as a result of our taking control. Whether your thinking process is logical or a form of inner realization, both methods eventually lead to a destination where you begin to know your true Self.

We succeed when we sustain a faith in our choice, plan and focus. Failure occurs when we start thinking that there is no time for exercise, meditation or any of the other helpful tools that strengthen the mind and heart. So, when you really think about this subject, it has to do with strengthening the will, changing habits, putting yourself in a training mode and believing you can do something worthwhile that will definitely help overcome obstacles. Stop asking yourself if you have time to do something or feel good enough to do it. If you knew it was right when you had the original thought, just go ahead and take control by using your will. By the way, do not allow anyone to meddle with your will or you try and undermine someone else's will. It is the power of will which pushes us ahead.

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