Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another View

It has been said by many mystics that God is free of all names and void of all forms but...I disagree regarding the form. Meaning, if God is in All, that Power and Presence is in form whether than form be visible or invisible. A recent survey showed that 84 percent of people asked about heavenly intervention say they believe in miracles. Some attribute miracles to Jesus and the Holy Spirit or angels and saints, deceased relatives and invisible beings. We do live in a universe of infinite possibilities and high probabilities. Weird things do happen every day. When something miraculous occurs most people hopefully claim the special happening as God caring and stepping in to help although the event broke the laws of nature.

What I am referring to has nothing to do with psychic preoccupations which deals with the sixth sense, a developed and focused mind but with a genuine spirituality. Man has always had the power within to realize a mystic union, a direct awareness of something extraordinary going on that involves the Unseen. Every so often, that Unseen becomes seen. The invisible helpers become obvious to our senses. In my latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery, you can read for yourself many of the strange and yet wonderful Godlike experiences that have been an integral part of my life. There is one proof after another that another Source, power, presence or energy is taking care of me in a rather amazing way. What is this energy?

The incomprehensible energy could be invisible guides, former relatives or strangers who enjoy serving in this capacity, masters or angels cooperating with the higher part of who I am to literally save me from extinction and remove inconveniences along the path. It is the energy of what we call God or Spirit in these invisible friends helping us not some Absolute, Impersonal and Nameless Creator Power. It is God being personal. We also can call on the Impersonal Holy Creative Spirit to heal and help. I have always thought of this Sublime Energy as my best friend although it is definitely more impersonal than an intelligent entity helping out. The multiplicity came out of the One. We have proof that God, the One, exists through our intimate relationship with the many. The outcomes of our relationship with the multiplicity representing God in matter is our evidence.

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