Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can God be Proven?

Proof of a divine Reality or God happens when there is a change in us. There is a corresponding change in our nature in direct relationship to our sense of knowing. What is the sense of knowing? It is not a sense of the physical or intellectual but the subtle spiritual or intuitive senses that depend upon direct perception. Authority to speak comes from the authority of knowing firsthand that there is a totally different energy behind the appearance of matter. An individual who is loving and pure in heart is more likely to witness and feel the ultimate Reality. Until that moment arrives for the seeker, he or she can study the works of those who were and are filled with a self-validating certainty of direct awareness.

The facts, so to speak, our realized and experienced in the deepest and most central part of the soul. We can be filled with man's learning and not yet hear the unhearable. We can ask for that knowledge. The knowledge I am speaking of is intuitively known deep within all of us. Some students may begin by looking inwards into their own particular divinity through contemplation, meditation and more. Others, may search for unity in nature and outside of self. Finally, the seeker realizes that something is present in the deepest and most central part of his own soul as well as in the life of everyone and everything else.

Souls like my own have an easier time in experiencing the proof of God, because we see the radiant Light which can only be witnessed through spiritual sight. The Unknowable and Impersonal created Limitless Light. The Limitless Light, which binds all creation seen and unseen together, projects through the One whose primal Will, is our Source. The One created the Two, our Divine Parents, the Father-Mother Principles, which humans refer to as God. The Son, perfect individual spirits (intelligent lights), came forth from the Two. We originally were perfect individual spirit lights. We had a will that could be used to create and enjoy the creative process within the cosmos. Density-matter as we now know it is the result of the individual subtle spirit light forms desiring to create and expand and explore limitlessness. Once an individual wearing a skin begins to see with his inside eyes the light he and others are and the light behind each creative form, an understanding dawns that 'God', an indescribable Divine Power and Presence, lives in our midst. It not only lives everywhere as boundless creative energy, the Light is the glue, the link that holds all creation together. Witnessing radiant Light with our spiritual senses is one of the ways we personally know that there is a mysterious, pure and unpolarized energy behind our flimsy descriptions of what Is.

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