Monday, January 12, 2009

Who or What is Hindering You?

Are you the type who agrees with mass consciousness regarding time, diagnoses, symptoms or aging? Frequently, we hear from self-help practitioners that we must get out of the box. This means we have crippled ourselves with chalk-marks that make a claim that we must accept conditions and allow a state of paralysis to keep us in bondage. What is interesting is the fact that the conditions can actually disappear if we finally grasp the truth that we had fallen prey to the rules of the game of human life.

If a person is told he has an incurable disease, the amount of chalk marks hindering his mind jumps much higher. At the same time, if told there is nothing that can be done, the prisoner may decide to cross the line and try a totally different approach rather than allow his life to end. Regardless of what type of ugliness, lack or nonsenses appears in your life, why not dismiss it? I am not implying you should stop your treatment if that is the case. What I am suggesting is taking a second look at anything that is hindering you from living from the highest perspective of you soul. Hindrances, chalk marks, limitations ar the enemy. This sounds bold but it is an ancient truth. To be released from any human condition and struggle, we are required to awaken to our true spiritual identity. I keep going back to identity because it is the tool that opens the box.

When you awaken to your spiritual identity something rather remarkable occurs. Divine harmony, a security and balance, a secret love and assurance is yours. You see, nasty conditions or situations will not change and you will not be able to cross over your chalk marks as long as you accept as your truth that sin, a disease, aging or any lack and limitation is an actual truth. Oh, yes, it appears as if they are happening to you and the majority of people. A very unusual thing happens when your consciousness shifts to a higher perspective. The unreal is exposed. What I am saying is worth thinking about. What troubles you is actually an illusion that you accept as true. Change your mind. In changing your mind, hold your understanding as a real conviction. I would suggest you keep silent about your new discovery particularly if you are under stress and strain. We fall into traps of lack, limitation and disease because we have allowed ourselves to become mesmerized. As you are healing or changing the conditions in your life, look deeply into your thinking and whether you harbor any undesirable character traits. Because we live in matter and are strongly influenced by world consciousness, it could be that you are unknowingly picking up on energy that is weakening your own life force. This does not to continue.

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