Monday, January 19, 2009

Fear of the Unknown

The other day I was watching a neighbor walking in extreme pain. Her husband was doing his best to help her climb the stairs to their third floor condo. It turns out that somehow she had injured her one kneecap three weeks previously. Tests showed nothing. I decided to call her and offer my services. In this case, it meant a free healing touch session to relieve the pain and remove the source of the pain. The woman actually became alarmed and never had heard of what I referred to as energy work. I told her that in religious terms the offer could be called laying on of hands. She had never heard of energy work and the idea of laying on of my hands to the affected area really shook her composure. She had been in excruciating pain for three weeks and still turned me down. To her credit, the woman said to let her think about it. Well, the neighbor never called me back. It makes you wonder about fear and its origin.

Offering to help someone whether you know them or not is offering unconditional love without any strings attached. It is as if a good part of the world's population is ruled by a universal hypnotism of what they should and should not do. In my understanding, universal mesmerism or hypnotism is a belief that one is separated from God. Too many people continue to believe that suffering must continue and refuse to be open to alternative methods that will shift them towards wholeness. If so, I could say this woman and others like her are victims to a false universal belief. We cannot force understanding or acceptance on another.

Something new, different thoughts, need to be introduced into her mind that will stop world beliefs from clinging to her consciousness. She and others need to hear and accept that the nature of their being is God. Every part of us is the nature of God. What do we do when we try to bring out the good in a plant, animal or child for instance? We love and bless it. When I help people with healing, I know with certainty that I am dealing with the individuals misapprehension of reality. The human mind and its belief in two powers is the culprit. The secret of healing is recognizing a higher Energy, which is the Divine, God, Holy Spirit or whatever name you call the One Creator. God is an experience and not a word. This woman really could use an experience of grace. Grace would change her life. Hypnotism ceases when we enter the stillness and finally understand what is real.

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