Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wriggle Out of Karma

Every once in awhile, I find an author/teacher whose understanding is identical to my own. We reach true understanding through experience, analysis, meditation and deep thought, which eventually lead to ancient answers, the truth. Those who have some knowledge on the subject of karma do their best to let destiny work itself out without avoiding it. They feel this attitude will set them free from all debt. This process of obligation and paying off causes from the past may take centuries to completely remove. While you are paying debts off, it is very likely you will incur new debts.

I have always taught that there is another path. Deliberately work day and night on your own enlightenment and apply the way of the saints, prophets and mystics. What they do is find opportunities to help our people, nature and causes. Sometimes, this asks of us some form of sacrifice. I find it heartwarming that the energy in the United States of America is swinging towards helpfulness, kindness, generosity and love. Open minded people have been talking about how we are all one since the 1980's; now it is time to do something about it. Through the application of the ancient truth behind a genuine caring and reaching out to others, we remove ourselves from the ordinary laws of destiny...karma as typically experienced. Notice, I said a genuine caring. A true lover of life and opportunity is not a fatalist. We make up our own mind and take destiny in hand.

A few people cry that their astrological chart states bad aspects for them and they give up hope. The inner man, the spirit, is above a birth chart, above the stars and planets and their influence, above karma, above all else. Destiny cannot touch your spirit. We can get out of from under the shadow of moral debts that we have incurred to others, animals, nations and all life including our self by continuing to identity with our innr Self, create and lift consciousness. Your inner Self is capable of setting things right. To chart this course, be confident, absolutely convinced that nobody or any event will burn out your inner spark. Tap into your inner freedom of spirit. Stand tall and have the courage to advance. As you lift your consciousness, you will realize that in the realm of selfless love and purity, there is no such thing as karma. We can turn any situation around by accepting the gold of our true Self. Keep this focus and the debts of the past when we were not so enlightened will be taken care of.

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