Friday, January 30, 2009

Learning, Exerting and Making Sacrifices

People who do not understand why we are on earth also cannot understand the concept or goal of Initiation. They feel they can do without all the effort. Isn't there enough pain without always trying for some nebulous something that is not fully understood? What is not realized is that there is a subtle or etheric earth. Some call it heaven or a higher invisible dimension. The soul wants to return to that other place of light and harmony. The problem is that the light of many souls is dimmed and the return to a higher vibration requires true knowledge, exertion and making sacrifices. All religions, even the most primitive, have this tradition of the fall of man followed by his redemption and return to the Creator Mother and Father God.

There is no physical distance between heaven and earth. the distance is in our consciousness. Once the majority of souls return to stability, everything will be different. It is true that our inner life is constantly tried and tested. There is so much disorder on the planet right now that can easily undermine our spiritual goals if we do not become a spiritual warrior. What humans must understand is that there are inferior earthbound souls that tempt human beings. These souls have not yet developed love for God and life. How can this happen? Quite easily. When a soul enters matter, it enters limitation and bondage because the soul forgets its spiritual identity. A great many very advanced spirits forget all about their origins until they meet someone who has or is experiencing a direct connection with the Divine, reads or hears something that triggers a forgotten memory.

Matter is our cross of forgetfulness until we make a consistent contact with the higher Self and the energy of radiant Light. So, we could say that we are the cross because the cross is made up of the four elements. If what I am sharing sounds true to your heart, the following is a suggestion that may assist in your spirit work on matter. Each day stand and face the four cardinal points of the universe in turn. Each of the cardinal points is ruled by an Archangel. Yes, they do exist. In the East is Mikael, in the West Gabriel, in the North Uriel and in the South Raphael. This rite of turning and facing the four cardinal points before a prayer or meditation invites and assists you in communicating with the four dimensions of space. The movement and call will help you transform limitation, a sense of separation and memory loss of who you really are. For those who read this idea for the first time, know it is far from a new thought. The Christian religion devotees make the Sign of the Cross. The Rosicrucian symbol consists of a red rose in the center of a cross. There is also a parallel between these symbols and that of the Grail, the emerald cup. The cross and the cup are always figures of man. It is on the cross that the rose will bloom if we love life and the Divine.

Have a good weekend, a stable one. I invite your comments and suggestions.

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