Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Real Desires of the Heart

Where do real desires come from? Although the Absolute doesn't need anything, desire occurs because that is the way the Creator expresses Self. Desire is a thought. Thinking causes action and eventually there is a result. It is impossible for the human mind to see or comprehend the Absolute but we can grasp the meaning of desires.

Looking at a desire of the heart as an idea implanted in our mind from a higher power is one way of understanding the Divine Self or the Absolute. This is how the Sublime Mind, the Creator, manifests purpose in matter. Pure desires, desires that encourage and build consciousness are actually coming forth from the will of God and expressing through us. If the pure desire comes from the One Source by its very nature it will be fulfilled.

Now isn't it possible that as we become more God focused and balanced that our desires would be of a like minded energy? If so, wouldn't our selfless desire be filled with the Divine Life Substance, a pure consciousness? We would be able to create thought forms that will solidify into a material form. In that case, the visible and tangible form created by our desire would be a living essence of the Divine.

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