Monday, October 13, 2008

Emotional Junk

I am returning to this subject because it is a major cause for suffering. Even though you seek truth, seek mastery and desire to remeember and live as your higher Self consciously, are you having trouble crossing that bridge of conviction? If you are, perhaps the abuse is known or even unknown to your conscious mind. If you exprienced abuse as a child you may still be expriencing a sense of low self esteem today. The problem with childhood is that the child may assume abuse is a normal behavior. How can you feel that a god or goddess, a holy spirit, a higher Self is actually your true identity if you are still wounded and not healed from the past?

I used to offer rebirthing workshops which emphasized a divine breath exercise that acted like a vacuum cleaner stripping away emotional junk hidden in the subconscious. Today, I prefer a gentle and inexpensive method, mantras, that beautifully handle the emotional liposuction process if you stay with it long enough. Sound mantras are a form of chi-energy that will heal emotional energy stored in your body. I suggest that you first begin with 9 sets of alternative nostral breathing or some other breath technique. Emotional and psychic baggage are locked into points in the body. Things like rage, anger, abandonment, fear, bitterness and guilt are often the root cause of physical ailments ranging from sciatica to substance abuse.

Most abuse begins when we are children. It may likely continue as an adult from our partner. An emotional relationship that drains us will erode self esteem and happiness. You have to fight back recognizing that you can empower yourself regardless of the appearances. Emotional abuse is a form of brainwashing, mind control and the victim may be unaware of what is going on and what changes are taking place.

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