Friday, October 10, 2008

The Temporary Personality

I call who you think you are the temporary personality for a good reason. When you accept that you were alive before you entered this physical body and will continue to live after you absent the current body, you realize that the personality is temporary. The personality is also affected by what month and day you were born. Each day has its strengths and its weaknesses. Depending on the point of soul evolution you are at will determine whether you act and react from a point of strength or weakness.

You may have already evolved, fine tuned your understanding of what constitutes self-mastery and enlightenment, and be thrown off the path of balance because of early childhood emotional abuse. If you were rejected, isolated, ignored, corrupted, exploited or terrorized, your feeling nature is likely to be damaged. Terrorizing would involve the witnessing of family violence. If you had experienced the most insidious type of emotional abuse which comes under rejection, how can you believe that a divine and loving Self is alive in you?

Regardless of past conditions or current ones of imbalance and shame, you can regain wholeness by establishing grace in your life. Instead of solely leaning on the arm of family members or friends who may be as confused as you are, deliberately learn to lean on the arm of truth and the Light. It is our responsibility to remember the Source and restore ourselves through aligning our energy with the Source. We can reestablish inward mindfulness that creates healing, equanimity and the confidence that arises out of knowing the truth that gives us life...our inner spirit. By remembering the inner spirit Self, which always remains in a state of equanimity and lies behind all experiences pleasant and unpleasant, we awaken to infinite possibilities, become genuinely happy and whole again.

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