Tuesday, October 14, 2008


If you were emotionally abused as a child and the effects become long term emotionally and verbally as an adult, a low sense of self-esteem, depression, identity problems and illness will attach as unwanted energy to your personality and body. In many victims, increased alcohol and drug use will eventually destroy you with the mounting tension and feelings of inadequacy. The most serious crime is that the feeling of inadequacy prevents you from accepting your own spiritual identity, your own soul worth.

When you are abused on any level, your partner actually trains you to behave in ways that he or she wants you to behave. Gradually, you begin to feel differently about yourself. Lack of confidence erodes your feeling nature. The brainwasher puts forth a closed system of logic and allows no real input or criticism. In other words, what he or she says goes.

Low self-esteem is actually a thinking disorder. You begin to view yourself as inadequate, unworthy, unlovable and incompetent in many instances. Once these notions are formed, the negative view of self permeates every thought producing faulty assumptions and ongoing self-defeating behavior. Humans develop their initial view of worthy or unworthy attributes in childhood. One who is abused becomes like a bird with only one wing. There is no way a soul can fly when it is constantly in a state of doubt and imbalance. The sick part of this scenario is that many people are not consciously aware of how serious the insidious abuse actually is.

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