Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recovery Process

To transform low self-esteem we must go through a recovery process that requires honesty and facing our own responses. It is a serious disorder that affects millions of people. Frequently, a person becomes paralyzed with fear. Intense stress can damage a life in such a way that the victim will never reach his full potential. He will always respond from a place of imbalance, need and dissatisfaction. Usually a victim is overly critical of self. Frequently, a victim will hide true feelings and appear to be maintaining an appearance of control even though he deeply feels ugly or a failure within. Some victims become overachievers. There is a long list of disorders that manifest due to a lack of support and affirmation of one's value as a human being.

If you haven't studied my latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery, please do. I have been active in the healing field for thirty-eight years. I discuss why some people are healed and others are not. The reasons are amazing! Low self esteem is only one reason but a powerful one. Life can be changed for the better when a victim or patient admits to a history of emotional abuse and deliberately takes recovery steps. It is possible through self analysis and realization to learn self-mastery and actually attain balance and wholeness.

I have also noticed that it is very difficult for emotionally wounded beings to turn the other cheek or to forgive. Suggestions of positive behavior are difficult to instill if you retain feelings of rejection, isolation, being ignored or corrupted, exploited and terrorized. Intense emotional imbalances create an energy that has a greater difficulty accepting a Divine Presence living within. Invest serious time in examining your childhood, relationships and reactions to life. If you feel like you are in a box and going nowhere regardless of your efforts, a low self esteem may be blocking your progress. You are worth the effort. It does not have to been years of therapy. Look closely at how you have reacted to people, circumstances and life. Daily meditate, pray, contemplate and chant mantras that are proven to heal emotional disorders. There is an old Zen saying, Words cannot cook rice. A readiness to take action signifies the radiant light within to gradually remove the negative effects that are blocking your happiness and freedom.

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