Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Bother?

If we do not recognize our spirit identity or deny its existence, we deviate from the way. To have and sustain true thoughts, it is necessary to understand the importance of Divine Light and its circulation. Universal Law emphasizes how we must diligently fill oneself with Light. The average person doesn't even think of his spirit identity and behaves as a person who has lost his footing on a high mountain.

Our inner spirit, the Light, is beyond the polar differences. We can overcome the polar opposites of light and darkness when we are conscious of the spirit that dwells in the heart. If we solidify light into our spirit-body, its life energy will gradually penetrate the instincts and movements of not only our consciousness but our physical body as well. Through focused breath, mantras and meditation we return to the purely creative. The outer image demonstrates the inner secret and beauty. When our breath is balanced and we practice the circulation of the Light, the true human nature transcends fate and becomes a conscious spirit.

We bother because to awaken is to apply the magic of who we really are. We inwardly know that to be truly alive the radiance of light purifies our energy and we are whole again. It is said that there are ten thousand ensnarement's. When we are damaged by low self esteem or any of the other ensnarement's, we fall victim to deception and confusion, separation and fear. The only way that we can be free again is to deliberately break through the falsity and darkness of the ego. The ideal is to enter a space of pure energy instead of the cave of fantasy and imbalance. When we find that right space within, a bond of love and certainty is established where we feel a warm release belonging to the true Light.

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