Friday, October 17, 2008

What Can I Do to Liberate Myself?

First, no one is going to do it for you. If you want to continue to live a limited life boxed in by conditioning, judgments, fears and falsity, do nothing. It takes disciplined effort on your part to circulate the light, divinity, within your energy patterns. Also, transformation does not occur over night although some people like to believe so. Remember, we carry around with us the past and its memories which are still front and center in most people in the present. So, in many ways few people are actually living in the present. Yes, there are definite steps you can take to be liberated. You must stay with the intention by giving it your full attention.

Thirty-eight years of healing opportunities has provided the knowledge and experience to share the words that I do. Next week, I will give you suggestions and examples on the subject of healing. Understand that healing must begin in your mind first. A passionate desire to be free of any form of bondage and live as wholeness and truth was the spark that grew into an ongoing flame in my own experience. My desire was to fully remember who I spiritually am and consciously reflect the Light. When we live from that perspective, we do not know fear. I knew that there is really only one power and presence, God, and allowed no thought, person or experience to deter me from my inner knowing.

You can liberate yourself and help others as well. Do not be intimidated by someone else who appears to have a greater spirituality or power flowing through him/her than you. The secret is to fall in love with the Absolute Spirit and Its presence living in you. Once you have attained the right understanding of who you really are, you can take the various attachments, hindrances, falsity and conditioning out of your mind and replace them with the certainty, love, compassion, wisdom and beauty of a balanced soul. Light will circulate through you and for the first time you will understand what it means to be free.

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