Monday, October 20, 2008

Mental and Emotional Control

There is a mental tool that will create a powerful healing. It is the tool of detachment. Learn detachment and you will be able to heal yourself and help others to be healed. The type of detachment I am talking about is the kind where you separate yourself from the influence of emotional energies that work against your freedom. Emotions can work in a negative or positive way. They hinder our goals when we become so embroiled in their influence that we can no longer remain objective.

What happens is that a negative emotion can stagnate the soul. They can block any movement forward. For instance, if you live with someone who is constantly creating dramas that work against harmony and balance, the results can make you a wreck as well as them. It sounds strange, but we do choose a family and partners that will force us to take charge of our own emotional response and mental gyrations. If you do not wake up to what is actually happening in your personal environment, you may possibly falter, be miserable and temporarily leave the path of Light.

Damage control is what is required. To heal and free yourself, you must step out of your own drama. If your goal is to assist in the healing of others, you must not include any negative feeling nature in their drama. The dramas of life are created to force us to look at who we really are and take positive action. All souls make the choice to live in a garment of flesh and experience itself as divinity in matter. There is a definite pattern within this choice. The typical soul forgets its spiritual identity once it enters matter. Eventually, and that eventually may take a long time, it awakens to its true sense of Self. In the meantime, much damage may have taken place prior to its awakening. The damage is conditioning, false judgments and belief systems that work against the hidden soul's idea.

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