Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What happened to the ideal of your soul?

The soul's ideal before it enters a womb is to be a balanced and free being while it is here in the flesh. To be a wide awake being, an individual must remember who it is, use its God given talents and not fall prey to falsity and delusion. A balanced being does not have an identity problem. This is a huge package to open and use. The good part is that through life we are given reminders by people who do remember and our making a concerted effort to express their higher Self in matter. If a soul would choose a good environment and parents for its beginning years in a body, life would not be so complicated. Unfortunately, it usually doesn't work that way. As a result, it doesn't take that long to forget the ideals one had prior to physical birth.

So here we are in a confined form that has been fed a great deal of falsity since a child and we are struggling to be rid of the emotional baggage of the past. We want to be free to be our selves, the better part of us that continues to live after the physical body is dropped. If you are fortunate to have decent health right now, take advantage of this blessing and seriously get to work on transforming your mind.

The time to expand consciousness and unlearn the heavy load you have accumulated from mistakes, corrupted thought and old conditioning is when you still feel good physically. All weakness, all ignorance keeps you from the truth of who you really are. Begin to ask the higher part of you, the spirit, to take charge and direct your thoughts and feelings so you will make the right choices and necessary changes for a much needed healing of the soul, mind and body. It can be done.

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