Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Celestial Beings

Celestial beings appear in classical myths and philosophy, in the vision of the Shamans, in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zorastrianism and Islam as well as in Judaism and early Christianity. In all traditions, angels serve as messengers of God and are said to hover between heaven and earth. Religious scholars, in general, simply say the number of angels is too great to count. Most modern versions of the Bible carry approximately three hundred references to angels and their duties here on Earth. The Reformation did believers a great disservice because the entire hierarchy of angelic life, the invisible life between earth forms and God, was dismissed.

If you are committed in seeking truth and loving the journey, you will be able at some point on the road toward completeness to establish an intimate relationship with our invisible friends. They are willing companions whose love, light and wisdom enrich our lives immeasurably. Angels desire to share and assist in the area of spiritual growth, helping us move quickly toward the unique spiritual destiny that is designated for the children of God. Their guidance and support is not to be taken lightly; it is something to rejoice in and to give thanks for.

Angels are present although you may not feel or see them. They are authentic beings of intelligent light whose role is to help when you believe and trust. I urge you to cultivate a taste for the Unseen and be open to God's unexpected ways if you are not already. An awakening awareness of multi-dimensional life is only the beginning of an extraordinary journey of love and fulfillment. With the growing awareness among people all over the world of a finer vibrating life right here in our midst, I felt it appropriate to honor your soul by recognizing and respecting the celestial friends who are here for you. The angels relate to the higher part of you. When you consciously connect to their energy, it makes the journey towards freedom and true identity a much more exciting and fulfilling adventure.

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