Thursday, October 23, 2008

Healing of our Spiritual Distress

In the insightful book, The Secret of the Golden Flower, it says that a poor man is not helped by having more or less generous alms pressed upon him, although this may be his wish. He is much better helped if we show him how, by work, he can free himself permanently of his need. These words of wisdom are to be applied to earning our spiritual maturity in order to possess it. What is the use of reading or hearing about wisdom and how to heal our distress if we do not apply the teachings?

Many people long for simple truths today but if you are lazy and impatient you will likely settle for cheap simplifications and platitudes. Our world is on the brink of a great change. Are you ready to do your part? A spiritual crisis of such dimensions is happening right now. Are you open to the truth that redemption depends on the 'work' you do upon yourself? It is time to make real our own deepest meaning...God-realization. Meister Eckhart stated that 'God must be brought to birth in the soul again and again'. It not a consciousness that we can take for granted.

If you desire to be healed, spirit must live as you. If not you are dead. Without a living spirit directing and nourishing your life, the mind is as dead as matter. To be free and live in the flesh as godliness demands the most thoroughgoing and persevering preparation and love for truth.
We must let go of our attachments. If not, we are still possessed. When we are possessed, it means the existence of something stronger than who we are. It is time to look very closely at our own consciousness and rid ourselves of the energy of the heavy and replace it with the light of truth. When we open our heart and mind to the Light, sadness and sorrow, distress and separation will vanish from memory.

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