Friday, October 24, 2008

Divine Mother and World Changes

The United States and the world is passing through a transformative and transmutative shift on many different levels. The shift includes a period of orientation including discovery, acknowledgment, recognition and acceptance of a different reality. What is happening in case you haven't noticed is that consciousness is finally evolving into a more meaningful vibration.
Within us lives a spirit. Within earth is spirit. The shift is from a very dense level upward toward interaction with Spirit. This means that everything is breaking up in matter because we are moving from a material perspective to a spiritual grandeur.

When we incarnate, we spiral downward into matter. Now, it is time for us to consciously while in a physical body to move upward toward Spirit. You will notice in the months and years ahead that humanity is shifting from the reactive and emotional energy of the solar plexus region to the concern and love for all life of the heart energy. For this to become a solid reality, destruction in the world of matter will take place.

We are at the threshold of the Aquarian Age. New ideas, laws and approaches will surface. Humanity will begin to rediscover its lost dream of heaven being able to be lived on earth. Suffering usually is a companion to drastic changes. The less resistance expressed by people, the easier the transition. Eventually, we will grow into a unified spirituality, a teaching focused on Radiant Light.

The voice of the people will be heard as we move from the ignorance of darkness to the illuminating Light of Spirit. Awakened souls will live by a higher will, power and creativity. Love and wisdom will be the result of Divine Intelligence in action. Learning in a group setting with a similar intention will accelerate your transformation. There are Celestial Beings waiting to help those who are ready to focus on soul evolution. A new balance will be created by those who choose the Radiant Light.

More souls will discover and know themselves as the intelligent expression of Universal Mind. If you desire guidance and assistance from master beings, do what you must do to clear out emotional hindrances and blockages that you have accumulated throughout your long journey. Divine Mother specializes in removing the impediments that work against wholeness and love. This is why I have been prompted to offer healing sessions where Divine Mother is in charge.

Practice discernment, cooperation, keep a close watch on your intentions and be courageous and the vision to bring in a new humanity will energize and inspire you. Entering the Age of Aquarius offers higher knowledge and opportunities to express the inner spirit. Humanity has a choice to move from an obsession with materiality to a higher spiral of truth and beauty. Take steps now to remove all that hinders your transformation and experience with me the joy of standing free.

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