Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Unlocking the Mystery

The third chapter of Pantanjali Sutras is called the Siddhis section. It consists of 54 out of the 195 sutras that reveal what we need to unlock the mystery of who we are. And the process that is offered is a very simple one called self-observation. My intent is to help willing souls reach self-understanding. Self-understanding helps us break the bonds of conditioning. It leads to a state of oneness with life, a union with God and finally our destination, a state of perfection while living in the flesh.

We must use the tools that have been given to us and extract the understanding necessary to reach a state of self-understanding. For an example , working with mantras will accelerate the evolution of the soul. Yes, there are spiritual powers gained as we become more enlightened. Although very convenient, Powers are not the goal. Why? They can become detriments if we become attached to them. It is the ego who desires power in order to expand itself. If we can use powers without losing our state of balance, they will work for the good of all who experience them.

The ideal is to remove all the obstacles to our spiritual growth and joy. Even when we have psychic and spiritual powers, we are not necessarily enlightened. It is simply a fact that we have added another aspect or attachment to our self-image. In other words, the attainment becomes part of our ego. Many people place their focus on becoming this or becoming that. Becoming is part of the human measuring time routine. We may feel insufficient. Insufficiency's will spur us on to become better than what we judge we are. Actually, fear of lack and limitation is the barrier to self-awareness. Most people are fearful of both life and death and do not yet comprehend what real love actually is. They desire it as a form of self-centeredness under the guise of pleasure, security and a need fulfilled.

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