Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Going beyond the Ego

Until a soul is balanced and has achieved a measure of enlightenment, it is typically ruled by possessiveness and ambition. Most people are empty shells acting out a poor imitation of living. This is what scripture refers to as the living dead. The reality of confusion, spiritual identity loss and ignorance and the feelings of loneliness caused by a sense of separation pushes the ego to reach out through attainment to fill the emptiness. Emptiness is filled with possessions, power, wealth, the love of others, knowledge, talents and prestige.

This process is actually a vain one and very sad because it is the result of the absence of love and sense of separation from one's own true spirit within that is the real cause of unhappiness. When we finally honor, love and accept the reality of our higher selves, with our full being, love blooms and we begin to experience what it is meant to be free.

We are are own worse enemies. This fact can be witnessed anytime and anywhere. Most people are looking for the wrong things in the wrong places. When I mention love, I am referring to spiritual Light, truth, beauty, reality and an intimate oneness with the essence of the hidden spirit. No possession, no power, no amount of money, no social status or prestige can fill the void created by the absence of divine love. It is the enormous emptiness that is the driving force to achieve attainment in one area or another. Although attainments are recommended and make us feel good about ourselves, eventually we learn that they do not fill the void waiting for the Divine.

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