Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time Travel

We can only know ourselves in relationship to the present moment. How we act, feel and think in the reality of the moment reveals a part of us, which is primarily the ego. Our gestures, words, and expressions in our moment to moment relationship with life are the mirror in which we can see ourselves. If we are endlessly becoming something regardless of what it is, we are never fully present are we? The present is either filled with thoughts about the past or hopes and dreams for the future.

We are masters of time travel. We either are looking back or thinking about future realities. This is the way most people think and feel. People are seldom in the present. Sometime, take a few minutes of quiet time and watch where your mind goes. What lives in the present is your spirit, the higher Self. This is one of the many reasons so many of us meditate. Absolute quiet is one method of feeling the present. Breath work, chanting mantras and looking at a candle are other methods used in rediscovering and living from the perspective of the higher eternal Self.

Because we divide life into past, present and future, reality is not fully understood. There are some people who teach that neither the past, present or future are reality. They claim it is all one big illusion. I disagree with them. The illusion is in believing that only what we see, feel, hear and know with our senses is the one and only reality. What we experience in a physical body in a material world is very real while we are in it. Try and tell someone who doesn't have food to eat or is in extreme pain or fear that they are living an illusion. An illusion is the ongoing process of becoming something we judge we are not and not understanding our spiritual identity. Time traveling back and forth in the mind is primarily a focus on the personality and not the real Self.

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