Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Words Fail Us in More Ways Than One

Another day of heavy snow in our area. It reminds me of the various covers we wear over our intelligence and soul. The snow plows will arrive in the afternoon and then tomorrow or another day the covering begins all over again. It has been said repeatedly throughout time that the more the thinking conscious mind strives to express in words, the Supreme One's Idea, the greater and more abject the failure.
Why? Because that which is Science, ideas beyond human consciousness, cannot be expressed purely from the point of the human personality.

Our awakening is a step by step science. When science is coupled with selfless love and devotion to the Source behind the appearance, we get somewhere in the area of true understanding. A strange thing happens to us when we return to the Garden. When the physical personality is subdued and the impersonal spirit breaks through, we tend to be both impersonal in our approach to life and very compassionate and understanding of the stories of others. To be conscious and survive in our earthly mission, it became necessary for us to enter into all conditions of Earth life. To achieve the Idea behind creation, it was necessary to develop a thinking mind and a body capable of expressing the intent of our Creator.

This is a big order because descending souls usually lose sight of their purpose in being in flesh. It is like we are all near-sighted. If we lose the sight that can see the Soul of things, confusion reigns. So, we wear imperfect lenses until the day that the Light begins to shine again on the shadowy mist. According to mystic studies, this condition had to happen for the soul to continue its return to matter. Of course, when the soul forgets, it loses confidence, becomes confused and every type of deception and falsity surfaces. This is the process that is necessary to evolve a human mind and will, a body that will have the strength to eventually return to the Divine Idea. This is devolution and evolution, which eventually lead to BE. To understand the words I write, you must open the higher part of Mind and leap from a human sense of self to the eternal True Self.

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