Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Call to Growth

Here it is another holiday season. It is particularly enjoyable with the snow and the wild animals making their way to our patio. A smorgasbord is waiting for them. My canary who is placed right near the sliding door always lets me know when the 'wild' ones arrive. I love to write and to share deep thoughts with you although it is easy to feel wholly inadequate when attempting to convey spiritual truths. I have been in mistaken conditions and it consciously took me a long time to fully accept that the form we call ourselves is in essence a remote distant likeness to our real Self.

This is why I write and give you hope and an understanding of who we really are. It is said that no poet can give you his true poem; I believe it. Perhaps, you feel like I do and yearn to be a greater likeness of the Christ spirit.
Growth is simply an expansion of consciousness, remembering and then living the marvelous being that we really are. Heaven is not a place, but an awareness of the Absolute One, the Creator of All. What happens is that we gradually become filled with an all-pervading love. So here we are in matter relearning how to allow a higher love to fulfill itself through us.

The most difficult part of the journey in my opinion is to accept our own divinity.
Millions of us are in different stages of bondage and yet, the door is always open.
I began long ago by being obedient to the impulses of the spirit within. This is not easy because it takes a clear discernment and determination to be able to really know what is a true intuitive thought and what is the lower nature desiring to control. Falsity imitates reality. Many souls worship the Supreme Spirit through Jesus, the Christ.
We require human examples. What he tried to convey to us has appeared to failed in many ways because humanity is still blind, deaf and dumb to the ancient wisdom teachings. It is a very challenging time right now on the material level. Perhaps, if more of us would raise our mind and heart from the deepest darkness and allow illumination to arise, the radiant Light would spread quickly. Walk by the spirit of truth. Keep your heart full of gratitude and love not to whatever you visualize as God but to all men, all life forms. Remember the familiar phrase, Awake thou that sleepest? I bow to the Christ who dwells in you.

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