Thursday, December 25, 2008

An Opinion about Jesus, the Christ

A blessed holiday to those of you who seek the consciousness of a Christ Mind. This is the Mind that comprehends. To be the supreme man and have at last an enlightened consciousness is slowly dawning in every heart. Humanities understanding has been childlike. Jesus tried in his own way to teach us that the higher understanding is putting Christ on the throne within us. This means accepting our own spirit identity, our own ability to live the inner truth and express the higher power in matter. I believe that is what Jesus meant when he said, when you see me, you see the Father. There is only One expressing in the many.

Jesus tried to help people understand that it is the inner power, the Christ of each one of us, who reveals to man his birthright. God-Man Christ is all in all. The Fall from this understanding is a false understanding and it is still going on today.
People continue to suffer because they have chosen a divided consciousness of good and evil. There really is only one consciousness; it is deep within all the time.

Jesus, in my opinion, did what he could for the times and the people to help them shake off the shadow of ignorance. The idea is for us to become aware as we live in the shadow. Once we really grasp the reality of the true life, the solution to life becomes obvious. We can then with confidence express the greater capacities for a Christ Consciousness while in matter. Why not look at the new year, 2009, as an opportunity to remove the veil and mentally set in motion the healing currents and dwell in the higher knowledge and wondrous love? Let us stop being content to live in the shadow and pain.

Know the God within, the Christ that waits recognition, and thou shall BE.

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